Intercast, excellence in castings inside the best machines, trucks and tractors.

Founded in 1997, Intercast was originally designed to meet an international demand for piano plates. In 2004 it was incorporated with our current controlling partner ACIPCO - American Cast Iron Pipe Company - a North American leader in centrifugal pipes ( and the foundry was converted to meet more diverse needs.

Intercast is strategically located in the largest iron ore site area in Brazil. This region is known all over the world for its mining and metallurgical activities, along with its foundries and the assembly of automobiles and trucks.

Through the years, Intercast has developed numerous product lines, such as fire hydrants, their fittings and valve components, railway parts, heavy auto parts for trucks and buses, a variety of agricultural machines and engine blocks to name a few. An infrastructure for the export market is in place to deliver the product for ocean and/or air transportation.

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Intercast S/A - P.O. Box 535
Industrial district - Itaúna - MG - Brasil - Zip code 35681-750
Phone: 55 37 3249 7000 -
  Foundry with robust processes, adaptability, ethics and commitment in a Minas Gerais way of doing business.